When you come up with something simple yet devastatingly effective it doesn’t take long for other companies to copy it. Our own Mitch Smith, while sitting on the banks of Fishabil with his angling Partner Peter Craddock came up with the original eazi-Spod buckets. They were catching so fast that they soon ran out of spod mix, they set about designing a mix they could collect locally and prepare safely and perfectly on the bank from dry. There was the birth of the commercial eazi-spod. A collection of ingredients that could be quickly put together in the swim with hot water and be ready within an hour for spoding into the lake. SIMPLE – EFFECTIVE – DEVERSTATING

These new 5kg sacks of eazi-spod have been made so we can still provide you the angler with the best possible spod mix and still stay competitive on the shop floor, so many companies have copied the idea and present very cheap ingredients in a bucket where the bucket costs more than the contents. We won’t lower our quality so we find other ways to provide the BEST product to You. Just pour the mix into your own bucket and add hot water and leave to soak.

Milky Explosion an absolute MUST when zigging.

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