This range of carp baits is a new generation of boilies created to meet all the needs of the modern day carp angler, they have taken the food concept principles and stretched them to their limits to create a food source that carp will search out and want to feed on. Only the highest grade natural ingredients were used. Baits that are stacked full of ingredients that increase the protein and carbohydrate values and match these with soluble extracts, salt and mineral compounds that carp instinctively need and will actively forage to find.

Their friable texture allows for an effective working of the different additives when placed in the water. They can be used for both instant fishing or for long term baiting programme, encouraging the carp to de dependant on this feed as a prominent food source. The Boilie range has been extensively tested by some of the country’s leading big fish anglers and credited with successfully landing many hard to catch fish from some of the leading circuit waters around the UK.

In designing and field testing, the Starbaits team has been working in collaboration with the very successful UK carp angler, Mitch Smith, to create a range of baits, whose concept is to encompass feed items needed to meet every possible scenario the angler may come across. Mitch’s tremendous achievements and experience within the carp match disciplines from holding World records and winning both European and World championships,makes it easy for him to see that high quality baits are imperative, but also they have to have the ability to be adaptable to changing fishing scenarios. The Performance Concept range meets these requirements head on, with its boile baits in both Freezer, Long Life, matching Pop-ups, and complimentary Method Mix and Dips. This allows you to switch instantly your style of fishing, knowing that the attractors and quality ingredients are exactly the same, giving the angler the complete bait concept needed to generate confidence to target any venue.