The Pro-Biotic range of baits has been developed with the principal of giving carp a nutritionally good, instantly recognised food source. Pro-Biotic baits are full of natural ingredients and derivatives such as Betaine, Yeasts, Liver Meal and Oils. All ingredients are stringently selected from the highest quality sources and from the finest grades available.

These are precisely blended with pure natural carp attractors to produce a range of baits that are instantly attractive and keep on working over an extended period of use. Field testing has proven that Pro-Biotic boilies improves catch rates on all types of water from well stocked easy day ticket fisheries to difficult big fish waters.

Pro-Biotic Shelf life boilies are manufactured to give a softer boilie that is identical in every way to the Pro-Biotic freezer boilie. Both feezer and shelf life can be air dried further to create even harder baits.