A weigh sling is a tool to do a job, a perfect sling has to be strong and easily used, it should support the fish well and not in any way create any damage, it should be waterproof where possible and easily stripped of any excess water (weight). Starbaits weigh slings offer all of this, stitching is amazingly strong and often double stitched with rot proof threads. Handles or weigh straps are centralised and continuous around the sling. The sling will be made of fish conservation material so it stays lubricated and doesn’t strip any life preserving fish slime. Just submerge any sling and then shake to remove the excess water, never weigh a fish without 1st wetting the sling. If the sling has zips or clips then they are there for a reason so when the fish is engulfed do them up to give extra security. Remember to adjust your weigh scales to allow for the sling. KEEP FISH TIME OUT OF WATER TO A MINIMUM.

A carp sack is another item that should see limited and thought full use. If you feel the carp looks distressed then the best place for it is back in the lake not in a sack. Having said that sacking can be done very successfully using Starbaits sacks and recovery aids. A sack needs to have a huge amount of water transmission allowing the water to travel through it speedily and safely. They should have very good securing points and strong stitching. In some cases where sacking in clear water is the norm then use a sack that can black out the light, this keeps the carp still and subdued. Starbaits sacks do all the right things when carp are present so pick what’s best for you and rest assured you have a quality, conservational sack.

Sacking tips:-. Always thoroughly soak the sack before use, tie the sack with solid tie string and that its long enough to allow the sack to sink. Tie a small marker float independently to the sack in case your securing cord snaps ad the sacked fish moves away, because they will if they can it’s their instinct, least then you find the floating marker you find the lost sacked fish. Don’t place carp sacks loaded with a fish into any water that may have a snag present that may catch and snag the sack solid. Do not sack in high weed areas and very high water temperatures.

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