The range of Starbaits sleeping bags is a well thought through range. Everything is available from the very basic Session bag to the huge Mammoth bags and then the bedchair fitted kits like the Freeway and Mammoth systems. Material are chosen to make the bags very comfortable internally and still have a robust but gentle outer shell. Starbaits follow religiously the way the bags obtain there thermal properties, this is done by using thermal wadding and fillings that trap air into many fibres and layers. This is the only way to create a thermal capability, trapped air is the way to provide insulation. Remember no actual heat is generated in a bag only heat that you develop can be secured and used to stay warm. Some bags have an outer shell coating for light rain applications.

Always remember if you are fishing in the cold several layers of air trapping material is better than one thick one, see our bags with several layers if heat is something you want to preserve in your bag. All zips and connecting rings etc are of the highest quality and where possible the smallest sizes to add to your comfort, all the zips are the free flow variety and wont clog when a fast exit is needed.

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