/// Barooda Pod Plus

Take the standard Barooda pod and add an extending centre bar and 4 adjustable legs and you have the Barooda Plus, with all the legs and bar being extendable any obstacle can be overcome and using the fitted spirit level this pod can be set level or elevated on any terrain.

3 Rods03507
4 Rods03508

Technical Data

Size (cm)Length (cm)Weight (g)H. AV (cm)H. AR (cm)Larg. BuzzBar (cm)Feet Length (cm)
2/3 Rods82 x 2068 / 125212925 / 3821 / 30AV:47 / AR:42AV:31 / AR:25
4 Rods82 x 2068 / 125225125 /3821 /30AV:74 / AR:67AV:31 / AR:25