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/// Choddy Rigs Short/Long

Starbaits choddy ready rigs are manufactured to 100% Starbaits designs and requirements, you can select either the long or short choody rig in confi dence. These beautifully crafted and tied rigs will off er you the perfect hook link for
any choddy rig or as a short stiff link either straight off the lead, as a helicopter rig or as an extension to another hinged stiff hook link. Pure fl uorocarbon hook link is used withal the knots fl ame blobbed for extra knot security.

Short 50mm or long 75mm choddy rigs are tied to perfection and simple to use, 3 rigs in every packet, hook sizes include 4, 6 and 8’s.


Short (50mm)

1 kg
4 Short11558
6 Short11559
8 Short11560
4 Long11857
6 Long11858
8 Long11859

Short/Long Barbeless

Long (75mm)

1 kg
6 Short11648
8 Short11649
6 Long11638
8 Long11639