/// Expert Long Range Throwing Sticks

An extra-long stick to give greater distance’s than a standard stick. Another all-aluminium stick curved to increase accuracy with a release scoop cut at the exit end of the stick to disperse boilie splitting air displacement. A moulded black plastic handle makes these sticks feel comfortable in the hand and looks aesthetically sweet with the khaki green colour. , Available in 20mm and 24mm internal diameters. Use a 20mm for boilies down to 12mm. The 24mm stick will throw baits between 18mm and 24mm with ease, smaller boilies will stumble when released. A good stick tip is to immerse the stick in water before use if using soft baits as it helps to avoid bait splitting. Soak the inside of the stick and shake before loading. Why buy an aluminium throwing stick? Because unlike plastic it lives forever.

Expert Long Range Throwing Sticks

20 mm21965
24 mm21966

Expert Throwing Sticks

20 mm21963
24 mm21964