The Rock series of pods is unique to Starbaits, using our own moulded fittings and designed cam actions you can fish confidently that any pod in the range will do the job you ask it to with a professional feel and stylish looks. The absolute brute in the range of Rock pods has to be the Rock Expert pod, it is everything that the Rock Tiny pod is but supplied with an extra-long, adjustable centre manifold poles and longer Rock bank sticks. The additional length in the centre manifold poles and bank sticks enable the pod to be used with the front section very high in a fashion needed for fishing those huge inland sea like waters. Adjusting the front bank stick boss so the sticks face back towards the rear offers the perfect angle when the pod is used in extremely high positions at the front. For even higher elevation needs use the longest Rock bank sticks available as an extra. Supplied with 2 plus 2 (4) long Rock bank sticks and a set of Traveller buzz bars, all in a cloth bag.

2/3 Rods03232
4 Rods03231

Technical Data

Size (cm)Length (cm)Weight (g)H. AV (cm)H. AR (cm)Larg. BuzzBar (cm)Feet Length (cm)
2/3 Rods108 x 1890 / 68230132 / 5226 / 42AV:40 / AR:32AV:40 / AR:28
4 Rods108 x 1890 / 68239932 /5225 /42AV:64 / AR:58AV:40 / AR:28
XXL108 x 1898 / 68250075 / 8526 /42AV:72 / AR:64.5AV:100 / AR:28