Terminal Tackle /// Braided Hook links & lead Core

/// Coated Fibre-Tech

Fibre-tech is a high-tech, next generation multifilament braid, made from the toughest filament known to man: DYNEEMA.
Fibre-tech boasts a superior diameter to breaking strain ratio coupled with great suppleness.
This high suppleness allows you to set-up the most delicate rigs with smaller hooks. It works a treat with PVA bags or the method feeder, and offers an unequalled level of discreetness.
Fibre-tech is available in 3 colours which have been carefully selected to blend perfectly into the vast majority of lake beds, lending your rigs the perfect camouflage.

Weedy Green25 lb02463
Weedy Green35 lb02464
Muddy Brown25 lb02523
Muddy Brown35 lb02524