This is a unique design to Starbaits and features a new design in door position, the usual central door has been replaced with two side panel doors enabling the angler on short one or two nighter sessions to lay the bedchair from left to right and open the door directly in front of the head end so maximum vision is achieved. The bivvy has a very square shape at the rear so it can fit in swims that are more compact, the floor area of the bivvy is maximised due to the square shape so luggage and extra bags etc can easily be accommodated. The front rib of the bivvy has been shaped like a pitch roof so the angler can sit directly upright on the bed chair and his head does not touch any fabric , this is especially useful in the wet months. Both side door panels are double zipped and have sufficient tie back clips to keep the door well pinned back to the rib, with both doors clipped back an open fronted rigid shelter can be achieved. Supplied with a heavy duty ground sheet and 5 tension bars to secure the 3 main ribs. Ground pegs and a carry bag supplied.



  • Large full size over door cap
  • 5 x main tension bars
  • Aluminum pegging points
  • Heat sealed seams
  • 10000mm Hydrostatic head
  • 2 x rod support straps
  • heavy duty groundsheet


  • Carry Bag
  • Clip in Heavy Duty
  • Ground sheet
  • Oversized carry bag