Terminal Tackle /// Ready Rigs

/// Original Knotless Knot

The original Knotless Knot ready rig uses the superb SB1 hook, Fibre-tech 25lb coated braid stripped to create a hinge rig coupled with a simple silicon tubing hair defl ector. The swivel is attached with a loop so you can remove the swivel easily and thread the hook link through a mesh stick if you desire. Japanese shrink tube has then been sweated over the knot to create the perfect angled line aligner.

  • 100% Starbaits components
  • Swivel No.8
  • 25lb Coated Fibre-Tech (Weedy Green)
  • SB1 Hook
  • Shrink Tube 1.5mm (Weedy Green)
  • 5mm Silicone Tubing (Ø 0.7mm – Weedy Green)