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The Rock series of pods is unique to Starbaits, using our own moulded fittings and designed cam actions you can fish confidently that any pod in the range will do the job you ask it to with a professional feel and stylish looks. The Rock Pontoon is a fully adjustable goal post style pod, the dual centre manifold poles are both extendable and fasten solidly with the excellent SB cam system. The moulded Y sections at each end of the centre manifold poles offer a fully adjustable cam system to except any 19mm bank stick. Any back rod rests or front alarms can be fitted straight to the extending bank sticks offering a separate bank stick set up per rod alternatively connect either a 3 rod Traveller buzz bar set to increase the potential of the pontoon pod. Supplied with 2 plus 2 (4) Rock bank sticks and a set of Traveller buzz bars all in a cloth bag.

2/3 Rods03197


Size (cm)Length (cm)Weight (g)H.AV(cm)H. AR (cm)Larg. BuzzBar (cm)Feet Length (cm)
2/3 Rods66×1848/62138930/4720/30Av: 40 / AR:32Av:21 / AR:13