In the advancement to keep Pro-Biotic baits at the pinnacle of bait design we have moved this boilie into the super-visual category. Keeping to the philosophy that Pro-Biotic baits offer nutritional goodness for the fish by stringently selecting high quality ingredients from the finest supply, ingredients like yeasts and livers, various salts and spices with increased use of refined digestible oils. Pro-Coco-Vap has the added ability to blanket the lake bed in your baiting campaigns with a highly visible white covering that carp have found irresistible to investigate. In shallower water the hi-viz effect of the white colour will increase the light refraction and pull all fish to investigate the change where upon the effective feed stimulants and hunger triggers help the fish to investigate further and encourage them to gorge on the food. The subtle enhancement from the various ingredients from the coconut family and that creamy essence provided by the flavour oils of Evaporated milk have proved the huge down fall of carp during our vigorous testing. A great all round boilie for any weather conditions and for all baiting techniques from the huge dumping pre-baiters to the careful and delicate PVA baggers. A complete range of pellets, dips, pop ups and different sized boilies will make this Pro-Biotic bait a real winner.

PROBIOTIC:Good for them is Good for You!



80 g
10 mm02216
20 mm02218