Pro-Biotic takes a new turn into the fish category, keeping the Pro-biotic nutritional goodness and stringently selected ingredients like Yeast, Betaine, Liver, salts, and selected oils, pro-Monster adds selected fish ingredients and various successful crab derivatives.  This pungently fragranced bait still offers the fish a highly nutritional food source that carp will look for. Pro-Monster works exceptionally well both long term and instantly.

During intensive testing in many countries the Pro-Monster appeared to be very big fish selective and showed some exciting captures, it was found that being crushed within a solid PVA bag was a tremendously successful method, the crushing intensified the attractors and feeding triggers which carp zoned in on very quickly. A good all round bait that offers big fish action.

Mix the probiotic base mix with high levels of crab, Crustacea and fish meals to make a fish meal probiotic boilie. Packed full of sea fish enzymes and meals, add salt and various forms of betaine, drop in high quality liver and various yeasts and yeast supplements and you have the monster Pro. A tough boilie that leaks well due to many water soluble ingredients. A great all round boilie that can be used all year due to its meals being refined. A very good baiting campaign boilie that will if used to surplus will increase the carp’s weight.

PROBIOTIC:Good for them is Good for You!



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10 mm29614-
14 mm2961529617
20 mm2961629618