Pro-Pineapple continues to provide a highly nutritional recognisable food source for carp. Following the lines of all Probiotic boilies, Pro-Pineapple is packed full of natural ingredients and derivatives like, Yeast’s, betaine’s, liver’s, minerals and oils that carp need and find irresistible. High quality ingredients are stringently selected to keep all the Probiotic range at the peak of performance. By mixing these high quality feed ingredients with comprehensive attractors make the Pro-Pineapple an extremely attractive boilie to carp.
Pro-Pineapple lends itself confidently to long term baiting campaigns, using the delicately fragranced dip/glug the Pro-Pineapple can give instant success. During testing some serious catch rates where achieved consistently.

Take a very successful base mix and add to it some very stringent fruit and milk products and you get the Pro-pineapple. Very yellow in colour with a tougher than usual probiotic boilie. With the addition of fruit meals and derivatives the Pro-Pineapple has a rich fruity smell and sweet taste. Packed full of the usual Probiotic ingredients and higher levels of liver powders and liquids, strong Betaine in both pure and refined formulas and refined yeasts create this fruity sensation. A very effective all year round bait with greater levels of leakage in the colder water due to the water soluble fruit and milk extracts. Makes a good edge to any baiting campaign as a topper boilie, this is to add a little extra for the fish to forage, great for little and often campaigns due to its high colour.

PROBIOTIC:Good for them is Good for You!