Probiotic Red is an all year round effective boilie. It is the softest boilie by design in both the Probiotic and Concept range of boilies. ‘The red’ as it is commonly known does not change its effectiveness with low water temperatures. It is and animal meat and offal based bait with additional spices, (offal being liver and other crucial derived organ based powders used in high levels). It is packed with yeast and yeast derived derivatives of the highest grade. There are levels of high potency Betaine included in the base with selected ingredients found within Robin Red. There are certain secret spices included along with a small amount of salt, there is a vitamin content within the boilie that is determined by the meats, organs and seeds used in manufacture.

The Red contains no oyster or egg shell and has no milk proteins present, there is also no ground nut meal, blood meals or direct fishmeal’s. The Red has a number of secret ingredients that we believe are only available to Starbaits/Sensas as well as a level of liquids and oils designed to enhance the product. Fundamentally the Red is a high class yeast and liver based boilie with cryo-seeds and other secret spice and meal ingredients.

The Red can be used as an instant bait but works even better with long term baiting. Its design means it cannot be over fished and will create more feeding activity if large volumes are placed in known feeding areas.

Even though the Red is relatively soft by design it will easily last days on the hair straight from the packet, if a slightly harder bait is required then use a Starbaits air dry bag and dry hard like you would a freezer boilie. You can immerse the Red into its own glug for a period of time and a harder level will be created via all the moisture being pushed out of the boilie and replaced with PVA friendly glug.

Available in various size boilies with pop ups, dip/glug and pellet to support the range.

PROBIOTIC:Good for them is Good for You!



80 g
10 mm36642
20 mm36272