RS1 brings together a combination of the most deverstating carp catching ingrediants. No one can doubt the performance of Robin Red (Haiths) and Crayfish meal extract (Starbaits). Both these ingrediants have been crafted together along with some of finest complimentary ingrediants creating a pure carp catching machine of a bait. During tests of this bait anglers reported outstanding catches often quoting multiple catches when normaly a single caught carp was the normal occurrence.

RS1 is  a combinatin of Robin Red and crayfish meals in association with various vegetable extracts and refined mineral compounds generating a pure carp catching machine.

This bait is our highest protein boilie at a huge 35%. Its mix is made up of very powerful spices, meat meals and shell fish meal from snails, mussels and other freshwater shelled Crustacea. It has genuine Haiths robin red included along with high quality Betaines in various forms, there is also a high level of crushed crayfish and natural crayfish liquid enhancers, hence the high protein level. There are several types of liver used one of which is unique to Starbaits.

RS1 has found to be a very successful large fish catcher and has accounted for some of the biggest residents swimming in Europe. It is a good all round bait which can work well alone with a PVA bag or as part of a baiting campaign, many anglers have found a benefit baiting RS1 along with another bait like Probiotic Red or SK30, some heavy catch rates have been achieved fishing RS1 in this way.



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