Signal is another completely natural bait in the Performance Concept Range. Signal boilies continues to offer a superb soft palatable food based bait. Packed full of natural ingredients found within the carps freshwater environment and food table. The boilie has been developed using large particles such as Oyster shell and Egg shell to optimise the crunch factor when the carp eat the boilie.

Ingredients like crayfish meal, bloodworm extract or gammarus meals, water soluble proteins and various forms of salts and spices have been blended to offer a boilie that’s as near to the carps naturally occurring food supply as possible. We are so impressed with the levels of naturally occurring items within “Signal” we like to think of this boilie as an “Original Food Source” for carp. Signal contains NO artificial ingredients or flavours and is crafted from 100% naturally derived products.

Signal is a bait based around refined fish, meat and shell fish meals, it is heavily supplemented with both meals and liquids from Crayfish, hence the name. As well as refined ground meals it has shell fish and oyster shell present with various ground and crushed seed spices to create a devastating bait. Extremely high quality liver meals and liquids are used within this bait. Signal can be used all year round due to its lower fat levels but comes into its own as a superior catching boilie between April and the start of December or when the weather has not seen any cold spells. There are various forms of betaine and salt and other shell fish derivatives, there is No robin red is present but there is included in this bait some ingredients that are present in the manufacture of Robin Red, we have singled out the properties and ingredients that are best added to this bait to create an effective catching boilie. Mass baiting with Signal will increase the catch rate, Signal is a boilie that when used well will often be seen venting (pooing) from the fish on the mat, high weight gains can be achieved with Signal making healthy fish.

Signal has proved to be an all year round boilie showing superb field testing results to those lucky enough to have used some.


White & Fluo yellow

60 g80 g
10 mm31044-
14 mm-31045
20 mm-31046