/// SOLIDZ POD Gun Smoke

The Solidz Pod is a traditional adjustable goal post style system, it is available in various different rod versions or can be used with the rests and alarms connected straight to the bankstick, manufactured from the very strong Alloy compound with matt black finish. The Alloy makes this pod extremely lightweight and very rigid. The goal post pod has extending centre bars to increase the length. The pod is very compact unit but can be stretched out to a full metre when extended. Adjustment is simply made with dual locking wheels on the centre bars. The pod is supplied with 2 plus 2 (4) banksticks and appropriate buzz bars, it has its own zipped protective bag that can take the buzz bars with alarms fitted. A very sexy pod with amazing practicality that super lightweight.

Pod GS2 rods02396
Pod GS3 rods02397